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Meaningful Use & Stimulus Reimbursements

Monterra will help you maximize your potential for stimulus reimbursements with the right technology and the right partners.  We  address issues that other companies overlook, such as:

* Complete Network Audit
* Workflow Analysis
* Company Culture

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“We can review the processes and implementing of EHR technology as a whole.”

Monterra is a proven to successfully implement, fully integrated EHR, Practice Management, and Patient Self-Service Portal solution into doctor offices that addresses the challenges facing today's small practices and primary care physicians.

Our EMR solutions enable you to get the most out of your time with patients:

Look at your patient—not at your notes:
Monterra EHR Solutions offer several ways for you to quickly and accurately capture patient information, including templates, customizable technology and more.
Delivering personalized patient care:
Quickly reference your patient's test results, medical history, and drug information.

Achieve Better Results and Resources:
Instant access to medical literature and drug interaction information provides you with decision-making support.

Reduce prescription challenges:
Prescribing enables you to refill prescriptions in just a few clicks and send them electronically to your patients' pharmacies. Also with a “Patient Portal” your patients may request prescription refills.

Track your patients' health needs:
search your patient database based on criteria, including age, sex, and guidelines compliance.

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EHR - Electronic Health Records

Why EHR Now?
Its purpose can be understood as a complete record of patient encounters that allows the automation and streamlining of the workflow in health care settings. EHR increases safety through evidence-based decision support and quality management.