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Meaningful Use & Stimulus Reimbursements

To achieve the priorities and goals of Meaningful Use (stimulus reimbursement requirement), communication and interoperability must  occur across multiple points in the healthcare system.

This requires electronic information exchange and improved communication about patient status and outcomes among providers, patients, and care facilities.

Monterra can take the obscurities out of getting your stimulus reimbursements.
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“Our goal is to provide EHR solutions that enable small practices to improve their efficiency through the use of electronic medical record software. Allowing physicians to spend more time where it matters most, with their patients and at home.”

For advance IT services such as an EHR, a company must take in the “whole” picture.  One must be able to analyze and suggest workflow systems. Monterra has that experience. We can look at the medical practice or facility as a whole, and then break down complex parts into simple easy to understand usable systems.

Monterra's EMR solutions make the implementation of healthcare practice management simpler for small practices.
If you already have an EHR/EMR and you are experiencing difficulty, or you are considering changing or upgrading, Monterra will work with your existing infrastructure to make sure you are getting the highest reliability rate, and if need be, stay with you and guide you through any changes that might be necessary.

We have many experienced team members and alliance partners that can help your practice or facility get the most out of your technology investment.

We specialize in the process and technology as a whole, NOT the individual software companies that will tell you anything to “get the sale”.

In short that is how we are different,  We want to help you and be your technology advocate. Monterra will have you company’s best interest at heart.

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“Making technology work is more than just buying a computers and placing the latest software on it.

At Monterra, we understand the human element and create a workable technology solution.”