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Benefits of Access Control systems

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Benefits of access control systems:
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Used in tandem with current smart phone technology, Monterra can provided a unified expernence to access your cameras anywhere.
“surveillance systems are a strong deterrent to many subversive behaviors such as vandalism”

Digital video surveillance systems are a strong deterrent to many subversive behaviors such as vandalism, and theft.

Security cameras and digital recorders have proven to reduce fraudulent liability Insurance claims.

Digitally recorded files provide a video and audio record of documented incidents.

The internal awareness of a video surveillance systems has been shown to improve employee productivity and
business efficiencies, which can lead to an increase in net profit.

A properly designed and installed video surveillance system can be used as a valuable audit log to identify and review internal business activities in order to re-create actual events that may be disputed or unclear.

Used in tandem with a access control system, a video surveillance system with properly placed security cameras at entry points where electronic door locks are utilized can be a useful tool when reconciling entry to a door with an actual video log of the individual who gained access. We call this technology "Gate Keeper"

Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance:

“Our technology team consists of military and retired law enforcement personnel with over 23 years of trusted security experience.”

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