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Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance.

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Benefits of digital video surveillance:
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Used in tandem with current smart phone technology, Monterra can provided a unified expernence to access your cameras anywhere.
"Access Control provides an activity log for the who, when and where access was gained throughout a specific facility.”

Access Control Systems help to secure your business or institution.
The primary purpose of access control systems and/or ID badge access control systems are that they enable you to control who has access to your site. Most importantly, an access control system is critical to aid in the reduction of risk, theft, injury, and to mitigate liability.

Access Control Systems helps Protect valuable assets.

Restricts access to sensitive areas Helps to restrict, manage, and monitor business access.

Increases employee safety.

Eliminates costly re-keying and lock changes.

Provides an activity log for the who, when and where access was gained throughout a specific facility.

Used in tandem with a video surveillance system with properly placed security cameras at entry points where electronic door locks are utilized can be a useful tool when reconciling entry to a door with an actual video log of the individual who gained access. We call this technology "Gate Keeper"

Access Control Systems

“we align our self with industry leaders in hardware and software such as Axis Communications”

“Our technology team consists of military and retired law enforcement personnel with over 23 years of trusted security experience.”