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Office Logistics & Communications

We will sit down with you and take a full assestment of your infastructure needs, from you computer system to office culture. We treat our client's computers as if they were our own.

We can also guide your company in the selection and implementation of any Telecommunication needs, such as:

* Phone, Voicemail and Data Systems
* Coordinating the installation for T1, DSL
   and channel service for voice or data    communications.
* Experience with, AT&T Systems 75,
   Toshiba Strata DK series and Northern    systems.
“One of Monterra's strengths is in Network and Computer Support, with over 21 years of experience.

We can help your company from simple PC repairs to designing and servicing Multi Domain networks to LANS, WANS and Cloud Computing. Our Experience ranges through a wide variety of hardware and software configurations.

* Microsoft Windows Servers 2008 as
   well as older systems Such as NT 3x
   4x, Workstation 4x,Windows 98 and
* Microsoft SQL Support
* Apple Application and Device Support
* Novell Levels ELS I,II,III,IV
* Firewall Design and Implementation
* Network security auditing
* Cabling Design, Installation and Management of various cable configurations, from copper to fiber

We also have vast experience in assisting and configuring a wide range of applications:

* Microsoft Products: Windows 7, Vista,
   XP,MS Office  2010 to 97
* Corel Products, such as: WordPerfect
* Adobe Products, such as: Photoshop &
* Legal and Document Management
* Wide variety of Internet Browsers:
   IE9,FireFox,Netscape & AOL
* Many Other software packages.

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Computer & Network Support

“We will provide the highest level of information and customer service to give you our clients a stable functional computer environment.”